Welcome to Manitoba Cabin
Hut Site!

Manitoba Cabin Availability and Reservations

Staying at Manitoba Cabin hut site is a comfortable yet rustic backcountry experience usually shared with other like-minded folks, from backpacker travelers to Alaska families. The cabin itself is a fully refurbished mining cabin originally built in 1936. It serves as the site’s common area—socializing center, kitchen, and dining room—and does not have bunks for sleeping. Two insulated, heated yurts located close to the cabin provide sleeping spaces for 16.

This is a hike-in or ski-in hut site located about 1.1 kilometers or 0.7 mile (15 minutes) from the parking pullout at Milepost 48 of the Seward Highway. The site has a complete kitchen. The yurts are well-equipped for sleeping. You will need a sleeping bag, clothing, and food. The hut site functions by cooperative efforts of everybody staying. We encourage potluck meals, and joint efforts to haul water and firewood and to keep the place clean.

A reservation at the hut site includes full shared-use of the cabin as well as use of your sleeping yurt. The yurts at various times may be rented by the bunk (single bunk or double-wide bunk), or “by the yurt.” Or rent The Whole Shebang and have exclusive use of the entire site.

These are features that all hut users share in common:

  1. Keyed entry (your confirmation email will include a code to a lock box that contains the cabin key; you will find yurt keys inside the cabin)
  2. Firewood stocked near the cabin (likely to need further splitting).
  3. Splitting maul, axe, hatchets, ash buckets, brooms and dustpans, snow shovels.
  4. Six propane burners, oven, all cookware and tableware, and a drain for dishwater.
  5. Two lights in the main cabin.
  6. Table and chairs or bench seating, primarily in the main cabin.
  7. Outhouse with easy access from cabin and yurts.
  8. Outdoor fire ring.
  9. Modest collection of books, activities, and games, plus a small guitar.
  10. Nearby water source—Metal pail provided for dipping, plastic buckets for hauling water (you are responsible for water purification).
  11. “Hut User’s Manual” three-ring binder with information about how to use the woodstove and propane appliances, safety and trail info, and history of Manitoba Cabin.
  12. Abundant opportunity for year-round outdoor adventure on the Kenai Peninsula!

What the hut site has and does not have:
We are proud to provide an outstanding natural setting—Abundant natural light and dark night skies (sometimes aurora borealis!). The rush of the river. Wildflowers or deep snow, depending on the season. Mixed forest around the hut; easy access to alpine tundra and mountaintops. A picturesque canyon. Trails right out the door. A complex human history.

We are happy to report that this site is on the edge of deep backcountry and that there are some things we do not provide.

  1. No electricity
  2. Poor mobile phone service
  3. No running water / shower
  4. No WiFi, TV/DVD, hair drier, ironing board...

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