Alaska Huts Signs Grandview Planning Permit

Alaska Hus President Joan Travostino signed a preliminary planning permit in September 2012 for a proposed hut-to-hut project on Chugach National Forest. The permit creates a formal relationship between the non-profit association and the Forest Service for planning the Grandview Hut System, a proposed hut-to-hut experience using trails that are developing as part of the Whistle Stop Project in the Kenai Mountains.

The system would link Spencer Glacier, Grandview, and a third site to be determined. The Spencer site would be the first, and the permit authorizes preliminary on-the-ground work to flag a site in conjunction with the Glacier Ranger District. Alaska Huts will need to produce a non-profit business plan that indicates the project is financially sustainable. Portions of the plan have been completed; the rest will be finished after further consultation now that a permit is underway. At press time, the USFS was expected to sign the permit imminently.