Wish List. Help us outfit the hut.

If your family is like mine, you probably have a couple of forks in your drawer that don’t match the rest. Or maybe you have an old tableware set in the basement. Maybe your collection of ceramic mugs runneth over. Maybe you have a sturdy old stock pot or frying pan you’d like to update. My vision has always been a hut kitchen in which nothing was impossible for want of an implement. I’m putting in an extra spoon—the one that just showed up one time—plus a KSKA public radio mug and a cookie sheet. What have you got?
--John Wolfe, Alaska Huts founder and bread baking hobbyist.

Alaska Huts seeks donations of new or gently used household items that are sturdy and will hold up well.

Cabin interior
Help us fill the cabinets!

  • All cooking and baking implements.
    • Mixing bowls, salad bowls, bread pans & muffin tins.
    • Mixing spoons, rubber spatulas and pancake turners, large chopping knives and paring knives, measuring spoons and measuring cups.
    • Two good quality stove-top griddles for gas burners.
    • You get the picture : )
  • Stuff for the table — 20+ each of:
    • Plates and bowls, plastic or ceramic, serviceable and attractive (small ceramic chips probably acceptable).
    • Knives, forks, teaspoons, soup spoons.
    • Ceramic mugs, maybe from Alaska events, plain or artistic (any potters out there with extra stock?)
  • Serviceable, clean bed pillows—18 of ‘em!
  • Serviceable “sofa cushions”/back pillows with sturdy material suitable for comfortable rustic hut décor (i.e. not shiny fabric, not fancy), for a long seating bench—need 12+.
  • Wooden stools 23-25 inches tall with seats 8-12 in. across.
  • Small, narrow rocking chair (possibly folding rocking chair).
  • Four wooden folding chairs (not too big).

Let us know what you have, and we will arrange to connect with you. Thank you!