Frequently Asked questions

Do the bunks have mattresses?
All of the beds are supplied with mattresses so there is no need to bring a sleeping pad. We do not supply bedding; guests will need to bring sleeping bags. For those visiting with babies and smaller children, there is room on the yurt floor for a Pack 'N Play. 

What cooking utensils are there? Should I bring my own...?
The kitchen has enough pots, pans, bowls, plates, silverware, etc to serve a small army. There's even a six-quart dutch oven! Chances are that if you need it, we have it. If you have any specific questions feel free to email us at 

Do we need to bring our own firewood?
Relax, Manitoba staff and volunteers have you covered. Every year we have a work weekend in September called Wood Stock, when volunteers come for the day and stack between 10 and 12 cords of wood. Thanks to all of their hard work, there is enough firewood to heat the main cabin, the sauna and Toba's Yurt.

Spirit Walker Yurt has a separate propane heater. If you are interested in helping with wood stacking, or any of our other volunteer opportunities, sign up to become an Alaska Huts volunteer.

Is there running water?
We do not have running water in the cabin, but Canyon Creek runs directly behind it, and is our water source. We recommend that ALL drinking water be treated. You can boil it on the stove, or bring your own method of treating it (filter, iodine, etc).

How do I get to the Manitoba Cabin & Yurts?
Heading south from Anchorage on the Seward Highway, there is a large parking pullout on the left side of the road, right at the Milepost 48 sign. From the north end of the lot there is a small brown sign that says "Manitoba Cabin & Yurts" that heads directly east out of the lot. Follow the brown signs for 3/4 mile until you reach the cabin. There will be a few 4WD roads that will intersect the main route. Look around at each junction and you should be able to find the signage directing you to the hut without too much trouble.

What if I want to make a reservation for nine months from now?
We typically only take reservations six months in advance. The first Monday of every month we open up reservations so that seven months are available to book (e.g. the first Monday of January we open all bookings through July). 

 For special occasions, such as a wedding, school group or educational workshop we will work with you to make special arrangements. Please contact us at, and we can discuss the details.

How far are the yurts from the main cabin?
Spirit Walker Yurt is about 25 yards away, and Toba's Yurt is about 50 yards away along a flat gravel path. The outhouse is between the two, but slightly closer to Toba's. The sauna is another 20 yards beyond Toba's Yurt.