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Important Information For Manitoba Cabin Visitors

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Sometime in the overnight hours, Saturday/Sunday, April 7-8, a few vehicles parked at Milepost 48 of the Seward Highway were vandalized. An Alaska Huts volunteer noticed the damage and immediately informed current visitors to Manitoba Cabin, called Alaska State Troopers, and escorted the guests back to their vehicles while waiting for law enforcement to arrive.

The Alaska Huts Association utilizes the public pullout at Milepost 48 as an access point for Manitoba Cabin and Yurts. There are no restrictions on who can park at this area, and as the weather gets better, more people will be utilizing the space for a variety of activities, not all of which are honorable.

We at Alaska Huts are distressed that individuals took advantage of Manitoba guests to break in to cars parked in the Milepost 48 pullout. Visitor comfort and safety are a top priority of the organization, and we are strategizing addional ways to mitigate such incidents from occurring again.

One very important way Manitoba guests can help is to remove ANYTHING of value from their vehicle upon arriving at the Milepost 48 area. This means extra clothing, food, electronic devices, and most especially, wallets, backpacks, and/or purses. Lock your vehicle.

Report any suspicious behavior or obvious vehicle damage/tampering to State Troopers by calling 9-1-1.

Please reach out to Huts Executive Director, Erin Kirkland at should you need additional information or have questions regarding a Manitoba Cabin and Yurts guest experience.

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