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Silvertip Yurt | Private Yurt Rental

Quick Details

Hut type: Private yurt

Pets: Pets are allowed, but please keep them off the mattresses.

Sleeps: Up to seven people, but fewer are recommended.

From :
$ 150


Located an hour and a half south of Anchorage, Manitoba Cabin is a hike-in/ski-in cabin just 1/2 mile off of the Seward Highway. Silvertip Yurt is located on the outskirts of the Manitoba Cabin facility. The Silvertip Yurt is a two story yurt, equipped with a CampChef propane stovetop, a standalone sink for washing up, a woodstove, and a bear bin. There are 5 bunks, two of which are built up to sleep two people (cozily), so you could stretch the capacity to 7 people but we recommend 6 people maximum.

There is also a private outhouse for Silvertip Yurt guests. Please coordinate your sauna usage with other Manitoba Cabin facility guests. Silvertip Yurt is a standalone yurt rental, please respect the privacy of the main Manitoba Cabin and its guests. It is not included in the “Whole Shebang”.


Winter Weekend: $265
Winter Weekday: $175
Summer Weekend: $250
Summer Weekday: $150