Alaska Huts Staff


Mackenzie on boatMackenzie Barnwell: Interim Executive Director and Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, Mackenzie handles the day-to-day operations of Alaska Huts, from handling reservation systems and Manitoba Cabin and Yurt maintenance to running social media accounts and planning Alaska Huts’ events.




Charlie Sassara: Glacier Discovery Project ManagerCharlie Skiing

As Glacier Discovery Project Manager, Charlie is in charge of all things Glacier Discovery. He works with land managers and third parties to ensure the success of the Glacier Discovery Project and updating its timeline, starting with the Spencer Flats Lodge.




Cameron Sanders: Marketing Consultant

As Marketing Consultant, Cameron is a strategic creator of content that best shares Alaska Huts’ mission and story. He creates new content and plugs it into story maps, showcasing what Alaska Huts hopes to accomplish through a new Hut-to-Hut system in Alaska.