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Woodstock 2021 Success

a pile of logs in front of a brick building

An overflowing woodpile!

Woodstock this June was a huge success! Thanks to all who came to haul wood, clean the cabins, and so much more. On top of the 12 cords of wood, we got a new range in the main cabin installed and ready to go, new floors in the main cabin (thanks to KMTA and Geoff Grier for this!), and lots of other small projects done. As a general reminder, please bring your own firewood if you intend to have bonfires, as the woodpile is for heating the cabins and the sauna. The hut is definitely now ready for summer. We also dedicated a corner of the main cabin to the late Shawn Lyons, so please have a sit in the Lyon’s Den and remember good friends like Shawn.


a group of people posing for the camera

Our all-star flooring crew!

a kitchen with a large window

Check out that new stove!

Speaking of summer, come stay this year! We have plenty of availability open, especially during the week, for everyone to enjoy spending time at the hut. June is a fantastic month for so many adventures, so come use the hut for your next multi-sport basecamp. Currently, Manitoba is still covered in snow up high, so the potential for June corn laps is very high. We are also close to many of the classic Kenai traverses (Johnson Pass, Devil’s Pass, Resurrection Pass, etc.), and the biking will start to get overgrown fast.

So come and enjoy the hut! It is nicer than ever out there, and the more people that get out into the backcountry, the better.

a group of people standing next to a dog

Thanks to Double Shover and Cynosure Brewing!

a person standing on a grill

Thanks to Indian Valley meats for the brats!


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