Glacier Discovery

Alaska Huts has proposed to build a three hut system that would provide a unique hut to hut experience in Southcentral Alaska. Users would ride the train to either the Spencer Glacier or Grandview Whistle Stop, hike hut to hut for a few days, then pick the train back up and ride out. The area of the proposed hut system provides fantastic opportunities to get up close and personal with several glaciers, great wildlife viewing opportunities and a true Alaskan back country experience.

current Status

The proposed hut system is on the Chugach National Forest, so Alaska Huts has been working through the permitting process with the local Glacier Ranger District. In 2012 the US Forest Service issued a planning permit to Alaska Huts and requested a business plan. The planning process over the past few years involved site selection, surveying of proposed sites, avalanche assessments, and building cost estimates. The business plan was submitted in September of 2015 and is currently awaiting Forest Service approval. 


Visitors would either ride the Alaska Railroad from Anchorage or drive 50 miles south to Portage to pick the train up there. From Portage it is just 11 miles to the Spencer Whistle Stop and 20 miles to the Grandview Whistle Stop. On good snow years this is a popular destination for skiers, fatbikers and snowmachiners.