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Pick.Click.Give And Support Alaska’s Nonprofits

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With the recent start to a new year, it means it’s time again for Alaskans to file for the Permanent Fund Dividend. We are excited to be participating in the Pick.Click.Give program for the seventh consecutive year.

Pick.Click.Give provides a unique way for Alaskans to support local nonprofits. In 2015 over 33,000 people contributed all or a portion of their PFD to organizations across the state, for a total of over $3.3 million donated.

Here at Alaska Huts, your contributions keep Manitoba running, support educational opportunities based out of the hut, and move our work forward on the Glacier Discovery Hut System. We are extremely grateful to donors like yourself who make the work towards our mission possible.

We encourage you to support Alaska Huts, and other nonprofits doing great work in the State of Alaska by donating a portion of your PFD. Even if you have already filed you can update your contributions here! If you would prefer you can also donate directly to Alaska Huts through our website.

Thank you for your support,
Tom Callahan
Executive Director

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