Moving Forward

wood log piles

A lot of people ask what makes Alaska Huts special, and why we are different from public use cabins. I inevitably mention the sauna, or the skiing, or the amenities available at Manitoba Cabin. It’s a lot harder to capture what truly makes Alaska Huts special to me – the community. wood stock photo

Manitoba Cabin With Kids: Come One, Come All!

woman smiling

I woke up Sunday morning to the sounds of kids trying to be quiet. Clinks and clanks, coupled with “SHHHHHH” and a few thuds as firewood was loaded into the little wood stove of Manitoba Cabin. It was chilly, only about 30 F, and somebody had obviously decided to take charge and start the fire…

Guest Post: Shawn Lyons’ Manitoba Wanderings

Man walking down a gravel road in thick forest

Friends had talked for years of their stays at Manitoba Hut. They spoke glowingly, but they spoke of it as a winter destination for skiing, not as a summer destination for hiking. They spoke of carving up Manitoba Mountain, not climbing Manitoba Mountain. They spoke of skiing up creeks, not hiking trails. It just did…

Staff Post: Welcoming Kenzie to AK Huts

Kenzie Barnwell

My name is Kenzie and I am excited to be a part of Alaska Huts Staff as Operations Manager. My position manages day-to-day operations of AK Huts, including social media and upkeep of Manitoba, general fundraising and event planning. I joined AK Huts late this past summer, and love the Huts community! I was born…

Staff Post: Welcoming Nate To AK Huts

glacier in Aaska

My name is Nate and I am a proud new member of the Alaska Huts staff team this year! A little about me: I grew up in Seattle and recently graduated from Yale with a degree in Environmental Studies. I am an avid runner and climber and spent the past few summers as a mountain…

Quarterly Huts Update!

Manitoba cabin

“Wow, Alaska Huts sounds great – how do I get involved?” That’s one of the most common questions I get from people who are just learning about the organization. I can rattle off a quick list in seconds—volunteer, come stay at Manitoba, check out our upcoming workshops —but we all know that following through takes a lot more…

Laura’s Story

Laura smiling

In 2013, I went through what I like to call my “quarter-life crisis.” Fresh out of college, I was working a comfortable job in a new city. I was sure I had it all figured out.  Three years later, I finally realized that working 60-hour weeks in a place far away from any kind of…

We Did a Number on 2016!

Tom Callahan

The days are slowly but surely getting longer, snow is still falling, and spring skiing seems closer than ever. All of us here at Alaska Huts are excited for what’s to come, but we wanted to take a quick look back at what happened in 2016. Thanks to the incredible support from all of our…

Guest Post: Manitoba

Cabin window

Manitoba By Libby Ferrara, 2016   Path threading now round alder grove, wind blown hemlocks and steep snow drove. Low angled sun throws silver cast, like grayscale prints of photos past. Up gently climbing ridgelines loft, the surface shifts from firm to soft. Panoramic view from peak earned, can’t be bought, sold or returned. Winters…

Guest Post: Bird Watching at Manitoba

small bird

I spent a week in Alaska this August where I was lucky enough to stay with my lovely extended family. I’m an avid birder from the east coast, so before I continue I must concede that visiting my family wasn’t the only reason I ventured over to Alaska – I came hungry for new birds.  …